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In Bonsai's serene embrace, the ordinary becomes extraordinary. Each delicately pruned leaf and branch tells a unique story. Let Bonsai be your portal to whimsical wonders, where the ordinary transforms into the truly remarkable.
Hassan Shah

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Crepe Myrtle Bonsai
Crepe Myrtle Bonsai
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Our Mission

At Cambridge Herbarium, our focus is Bonsai—a serene realm where the commonplace evolves into marvels. Explore the artistry in each pruned leaf and branch. Join us in cultivating an enriched community of enthusiasts at the intersection of nature and tranquility.

Our Team

At Cambridge Herbarium, our team is a devoted group of individuals united by a shared passion for bonsai trees. With years of collective experience, we are committed to offering unmatched care and guidance, ensuring every step of your bonsai journey is enriched with expertise and enthusiasm.

Hassan Shah, a seasoned bonsai enthusiast with 5 years of dedicated experience. His journey is a testament to the artistry and patience required to cultivate these miniature marvels.

Hassan Shah



The watering frequency depends on factors like tree species, soil, and climate. Generally, check the soil moisture regularly and water when the top layer feels slightly dry.

Well-draining bonsai soil mixtures with components like akadama, pumice, and lava rock are ideal. It promotes aeration and water retention.

Yes, most bonsai trees require direct sunlight for a few hours daily. Ensure they receive adequate light, adjusting based on the specific species.

Prune during the active growing season, focusing on unwanted branches and maintaining the desired shape. Use sharp, clean tools for precision.

Some species can thrive indoors, but most benefit from outdoor conditions. Ensure good light, humidity, and air circulation if kept indoors.


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