BY PRIOR ARRANGEMENT researchers, both professional and amateur, are most welcome to use the collections  in their taxonomic, ecological and conservation investigations. Please contact Herbarium Staff to arrange your visit.

LOCATION The Herbarium is at The Sainsbury Laboratory, Cambridge University, Bateman Street, Cambridge, CB2 1LR. Map There is no available car parking on site unless you have a disabled driver badge.

ACCESS If you use a wheelchair access to the Herbarium is possible via a lift.

Cambridge Station is about 15 minutes walk. Walking from the Station head west along Station Rd, turn right at Hills Road (A1307), turn left into Bateman Street, turn left at entrance, number 47 and head for the black railings gate. Contact Reception via the Intercom and the gate will then open. Turn left and follow the wall all the way along. The Sainsbury Laboratory is on the right at the end of the drive.

You will be asked to sign in at the Sainsbury Laboratory Reception upon arrival.

REFRESHMENTS are available at the Cambridge University Botanic Garden Cafe, attached to the Sainsbury Laboratory building.

IN THE HERBARIUM To minimise the possibility of the introduction of insect pests, no dried plant material may be brought into the herbarium building without prior fumigation. Individuals wishing to bring in material for comparison should make arrangements for fumigating the material well in advance of the visit.

We have very limited microscopy facilities; visitors may bring their own microscopes.

Our specimens might, at some time, have been chemically treated to deter insect infestation. Specimens should therefore be handled with appropriate care. Gloves are available on request.

Material such as pollen, leaves and wood must not be removed from herbarium specimens without prior written consent. Dissections or loose plant fragments should be put into packets attached to the sheets. Additional packets are available from staff members.

PHOTOGRAPHY Visitors wishing to take photographs of specimens must obtain permission to do so. Images of specimens may be used for research but permission must be obtained  to use such images for publication, or in any other way.