Visit from Torres Strait Islanders

November 13th 2013. Cambridge Herbarium welcomed a Student Delegation from the Tagai State College, Thursday Island, Torres Strait, Australia. The Students and their Tutor studied the plants collected by C.G. Seligman on the famous 1898 Cambridge Expedition, led by A.C. Haddon, to the Straits area. The collection of plants, along with Seligman’s notes, provides ethnobotanical detail including information on uses, seasonality, habitat, and the plants’ relationships to stories and culture. This visit to the Herbarium was arranged in collaboration with Cambridge University Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology.


Peter Derek Sell

It is with deep sadness that we announce the death on 10th October 2013 of Peter Sell, aged 83. January 1st 2014 would have marked his 70th year working at Cambridge University Herbarium, a milestone he anticipated with great pride.  Peter was a contributor to Flora Europaea, co-author of the Flora of Cambridgeshire and, with Gina Murrell, co-author of the three published volumes of Flora of Great Britain and Ireland.

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(Image of Peter Sell courtesy of Dr. Caroline Pannell.)